Thursday, 21 October 2010

Final Character Design

Here it is, my final character design! After asking several people (both teachers, students, and friends) their opinions it seems the low tight pigtails were the most popular, and upon further reflection I'd have to agree. While I really like the high pigtail design, due to how short her arms are it would actually be impossible (or at least extremely difficult) for her to reach the top of her adorably huge head in order to tie her hair up in the morning, so the low pigtails are really the most logical decision. I also like how they look the closest to real arms since they tie close to the neck, which is near where her real arms start.

My character design in Flash. I found her surprisingly easy and pleasant to draw into Flash with my tablet, which I think shows I made a good decision to simplify my design what what I had previously... Hopefully she should be enjoyable to animate. For now I'm keeping her black and white with a only a little shading to emphasise her eyes and hair ties, but I may add colour later if I have time. I'm also pleased to discover she looks very distinctive in silhouette, making her easily recognisable in a variety of poses. I think adding the gaps to the corners of her hair above the hair ties was a good idea, as this not only allows me to animate her hair flowing more freely (rather than just as one clumped together mass) but also makes it more obvious where her hair is in silhouette form.

Turnaround of my character so I know how she looks from each angle.

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